Ruby Deep Dive

20 ratings

A Ruby Book For Serious Developers


This easy-to-read book will greatly improve your understanding of Ruby, so you can write better code & solve problems faster.

The book includes:

  • 15 information-packed chapters
  • Dozens of code examples!
  • A set of quick-reference mindmaps for your own convenience

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- Is this good for complete beginners?

No, this book assumes that you already know the basics of programming.

- What will I learn?

You will learn how to use the powerful pry gem to discover information about any Ruby objects. You'll reinfonce your Ruby fundamentals, like Arrays, Strings, Ranges & Hashes.

From there we are going to move into more advanced topics, like lambdas, Enumerables, modules, regular expressions, performance, the singleton class & metaprogramming.

- How can I contact the author?

You can email me at

- In what format is the product delivered?

The book lessons & guides are all in PDF. The mindmaps are in PNG.

- What's the refund policy?

You have 60 days after purchase to request a refund if you didn't find the book/course useful.

- Is Rails covered at all?

No, it isn't. This course is focused on the Ruby programming language. With that being said, I included a lesson on Sinatra because it's simple to learn and very useful to know.

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Ruby Deep Dive

20 ratings
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